Action Needed
Documents Required

Employee Bank Details

Ensure that you have the correct bank details on a form completed by the employee Bank Authority Form

Equal Pay

Implement a visible equal pay policy which demonstrates the companies committment to equal pay Equal Pay Policy
Deductions from earnings Ensure you have the correct documents and always keep the employee informed

Deduction from Wages Form
Employee Authorisation Form

Changes in Salary

Ensure any changes in salary are documented and signed

Salary Increase Form
Bonus Request Form
Advance / Loan request Form

Statutory Sick Pay

Implement a Sick Pay Policy and Entitlement Scheme
Esnure the company sickness scheme runs on a rolling 12 month period not in a calendar year

Complete Sickness Documents
Government Guidance on Sickness

Statutory Maternity Entitlement

Ensure you have a Company Maternity Policy which adheres to statutory maternity rights

Company Maternity Policy
Government Guidance on Maternity

Statutory Paternity Entitlement

Ensure you have a Company Paternity Policy which adheres to statutory maternity rights

Company Paternity Policy
Government Guidance on Paternity

National Minimum Wage

National Minimum Wage is reviewed on an annual basis.
Ensure you comply with National Minimum Wage amounts

National Minimum Wage Amounts & Guidance

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