Dr Chuma Igbokwe

A female administrator working in a south Wales hospital has won her case for Unfair Dismissal having been sexually harassed by a former colleague. Her claim also included allegations of Victimisation and Discrimination. Dr Igbokwe was the co owner of the hospital as well as the official consul for Niger. He had made repeated advances that had caused Vanessa Turley a great deal of distress.

Mrs. Turley, who is married and a mum of three, said the ordeal had seriously affected her home life. She had begun working at the privately owned hospital in March 2008 and the advances started in June. Dr Igbokwe had requested she have sex with him in his office. The stress she had been under actually led to her husband moving out from their home. The employment tribunal heard that after she rebuffed him, he became rude and abrupt and on other occasions over the next two years, made "disgusting" comments. Dr Igbokwe exposed himself to her, thrust himself into her hips and made inappropriate requests of her. She resigned in May 2010, after which she said Dr Igbokwe emailed her husband calling her a prostitute and porn star.

Employment judge Mark Whitcombe said: "this was a series of serious, unpleasant and disrespectful behaviour. Mrs. Turley was awarded £48, 650, which comprised of £873.80 for Unfair Dismissal £17,612.48 for loss of wages and £30,163.75 in damages. She had not worked since losing her job in 2009. The judge commented that this was a very serious case and was worthy of the highest level of compensation. He added that there had been no concerns over Mrs. Turley's evidence.

The judge described the actions as "malicious, hurtful and unpleasant behaviour and Dr Igbokwe is guilty of an appalling abuse of power." His actions had even caused Mrs. Turely to consider suicide. She felt humiliated and dreaded going to work as a result.

Dr Igbokwe had had been suspended by the General Medical Council pending the outcome of the tribunal. Although he had denied the allegations the tribunal panel was unanimous in their decision.

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