Scotland Yard is to be taken to an Employment Tribunal by six police officers. The officers were the subject of a disciplinary hearing two years ago as a result of what was deemed racially motivated assault and threatening behaviour.

PC Mark Jones was accused of assaulting a teenager and his colleague was accused of threatening behaviour. The remaining four officers were said to have helped in the cover-up.

In respect of the above hearing the officers are posing that they themselves were treated with racial bias as a result of their being white. In their view they were tried in such a way as to place more weight on the evidence of a black colleague in an attempt to show the police force in a better light given some of its bad press in terms of racism. "The Department of Professional Standards were allegedly keen to secure conviction in support of the black officer even though the evidence was in favour of the six white officers," Ms Burns, solicitor for the six men reported. Unsurprisingly, Scotland Yard are denying the claim and say that they will defend their position.

Although the men concerned were all acquitted of the charges against them they complained that they were since “sidelined”. Their former sergeant further complained about his retirement after thirty years with no acknowledgment from senior staff members.  “It makes you feel pretty worthless. I don't know why I did the thirty years”.

The men are seeking compensation for what they see as as victimisation. The Metropolitan Police denies their claims  and upholds that the Metropolitan Police Service is committed to ensuring the highest standard of investigation in any wrong doing. They stress that no matter who makes the allegation or who they are made about, the same fair and proportional investigation will be carried out.

The tribunal shall be stayed whilst waiting for the results of an independent investigation.

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