Action Needed
Documents Required

If an employer is thinking of
dismissing an
employee on the grounds of redundancy they
must follow a standard dismissal procedure.

Ensure you have a comprehensive
Redundancy Policy

Redundancy Policy

Redundancy Selection Criteria

You must select a criteria for your
redundanciese.g. length of service
Redundancy Selection Criteria - A Guide

Redundancy - The Process
Step 1

Write to the employee notifying them of the
reason for the redundancy and invite
them to a meeting to discuss the matter.
Redundancy - The Process
Step 2

Hold a meeting with the employee to
discuss the redundancy – at which the
employee has the right to be accompanied.
Notify the employee of the decision
and the right to appeal.

Redundancy - The Process
Step 3

Hold an appeal meeting (if the
employee wishes to appeal) at which
the employee has the right to
be accompanied – and inform the
employee of the final decision.

Collective Consultation

The employer must consult
“Appropriate Representatives” about
collective redundancies where it is proposed to make
20 or more redundancies at one
establishment within a period of 90 days or less.

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