News of a new employment case which begun in central London's Employment Tribunal this week shows that racism in the government Communications Head Quarters (GCHQ) remains rife.

This is the case despite the leak in 2010 of a part of a report written by the claimant in the case, Mr Bacchus on the race bias present at the HQ. The report was to warn against the too few numbers of minorities who had been employed to help fight against terrorism.

Mr Bacchus's report highlighted the need for those with mother tongue knowledge of key languages that would help the team in intercepting key conversations and drawing out the necessary information to prevent terrorist attacks. The lack of people with specialist knowledge of languages such as Urdu and Arabic was hampering such efforts and therefore not in the interest of the British public. The report would have also shown the attitude that was directed towards those from minorities by white workers. It would have described the racist culture of the HQ and the instances in which many minority workers were often questioned over their loyalty towards Britain.

Whilst sections of the report were leaked in summer 2010, Mr Bacchus had been blocked from publishing it in full as he would have liked. As such, his case offers to lift the lid on the issues surrounding the racist treatment of minority staff and attitude towards their recruitment. Mr Bacchus is expected to name a number of white officials from neighbouring teams, MI5 and MI6 who he claims treated him with racist contempt and were part of a sustained campaign of bullying. This campaign was so unbearable for Mr Bacchus that he felt compelled to leave his employment in August of last year. He had begun his employment within the press offices in September 2002. He is accordingly bringing claims for Race Discrimination and Constructive Dismissal. He hopes to be awarded in the region of one hundred and fifty thousand pounds for loss of earnings as well as injury to feelings. He also claims that he suffered from Victimisation following the public interest disclosures he made as a whistle blower.

His lawyer Joseph Sykes commented "if what my client says is found proven, it shows that nothing has changed at GCHQ since the 2010 report which highlighted allegations of widespread racist conduct." He also acknowledged the fact that "GCHQ needs black and Asian officers as analysts and for undercover work to deal with threats from terrorist organisations but has been accused of distrusting the ethnic minority staff it recruits."

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