Forced Out

A female teacher is currently putting her case to a Tribunal over allegations that she felt she was forced out of her job at an independent school, Quinton House, in Upton.

She resigned on February 2010 as she believed that she was on the Head Teacher's 'hit list'. According to her, there was an extremely high turnover of female teachers leaving the job over the last few years.


Sarah Cameron has launched a claim against the school's owners; Cognita Schools Ltd of Milton Keynes. The claim is for Unfair Dismissal as well as Sexual Discrimination. She told the Tribunal that she and other female teachers were on a list of teachers that Geraint Jones, the Head Teacher, wanted to force out. She told the Tribunal “I left because I felt Mr Jones did not want me in the school and made my life as uncomfortable as possible so I felt I would have to resign or he’d fire me.” She told the Tribunal that she had been too scared to put forward the true reason for her resignation in her letter at the time.

The solicitor acting for the school explained to Ms Cameron that her story regarding the disproportionate amount of women who had left since the appointment of the Head Teacher was not supported by the statistics. Yes, there has been a greater amount of women to have left their positions at the school compared to men. However, this was also the case before the appointment of Mr Geraint as well as after. According to the figures, four men and 10 women had left the school since his arrival and, in the three years prior, nine men and 23 women had left. So in fact the number had actually reduced.

The Tribunal will continue to hear evidence. Ms Cameron's diary is being used as evidence. She has talked about feeing that the expectations for staff were so high it was ridiculous. Whether or not the Tribunal will decide that this and any other evidence equates to Sexual Discrimination and Unfair Dismissal, perhaps by Constructive Dismissal, we will have to wait and see. Other evidence so far appears to show her as feeling generally unhappy with the way the school had been ran since the take over by Cognita Schools in 2009.

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