Action Needed
Documents Required
Employment Tribunal Awareness

Ensure that all managers are aware
of the nature of Employment Tribunals
and the implications of their decisions

Employment Tribunal Website

The Process -
Application to Employment

The Employee submits a form
(ET 1 Form) and sends / files to
their nearest Tribunal Office
ET 1 Form - Electronic

The Process -
Response to the Application

The Employer must respond to the
application using the the ET 3 Form
ET 3 Form - Electronic
The Process -

A copy of the claim automatically goes
to ACAS - who mediate for both
parties and try to settle the dispute
before the hearing date

ACAS Arbitration
Services Outlined

The Process -
Attend the Tribunal Hearing

If the case is not settled all parties
must attend the hearing on a
date agreed by all parties

Employment Tribunal
Hearing Guide

The Process -

If you are not satisfied with the
decision of the tribunal you can
make an Appeal claim to the
Employment Appeals Tribunal using
the Form 1


Employment Appeals Tribunal

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