Adden Brookes Hospital

A top consultant doctor in brain activity has accused former employers of breaking into his office and copying the content of his emails for use in a case against him. Dr Kapur was dismissed from his role as head of the hospital's neuropsychology department in December 2010. Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge claims the reasoning for his dismissal was attributable to an irretrievable break down in the employment relationship. Dr Kapur has not been silent of his strong feelings on how the many cuts in the health sector are potentially damaging the the level of patient care that can be offered. He has been raising these concerns since 2004. He therefore, says that this irretrievable break down is rather a difference of opinion. He also claims that during his time there he was subjected to bullying from other members of staff, which went as far as to accuse him of suffering from a mental health disorder.

Dr Kapur only became aware of the 'break-in' during the disclosure stage of the case when he realised that his emails had been read. He also claims that a hard disk was removed from his computer and cloned. Professor John Pickard, Kapur's boss denied any knowledge of where the documents with information from his computer had come from. He also said he had no idea who commissioned them.

In his criticisms and highlighting of the effects of the cuts he pointed out the growing number of unqualified staff who were working unsupervised or with inadequate levels of supervision, as being dangerous for patient care. He feels that his concerns were not only ignored but were the reason for his dismissal.

The Tribunal has opened this week. Interestingly, Andrew Lansley, Health Secretary has announced this week the need for hospital managers to support whistle blowers under changes made to the NHS constitution. The changes to the constitution were put in place to add clarity to the now legal right to raise concerns about the NHS. Whistle blowing is actually encouraged in the hope that services can be improved. "Whistle blowing will play an important part in creating a culture of patient safety, and this is why it has been added to the NHS constitution" said Mr Lansley.

Dr Kapur is claiming Unfair Dismissal by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The case is suspected to last two weeks with the trust refusing to comment during the Tribunal.

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