The news of a double dip recession will likely push into the headlines the continuing trouble that young persons are facing when trying to enter the work force. This is especially difficult where they are trying to land their first ever job and have little tangible experience to entice employers with. However, some surprising industries are doing their bit to ensure that they help these people get into the work force. In so doing they are also looking to the future in terms of their own growth through the recruitment of talented individuals.

Earlier this year the music industry giant, EMI begun a programme to help get young people into work. Through a combination of one year internships, 6 month apprenticeships and work experience placements, EMI are helping people from all backgrounds get the necessary experience in this creative sector. The programme is perhaps even more poignant given the fact that in the past it has been the creative industries that have been notoriously difficult to gain experience in. Often it was the case that you needed to know someone or that you came from a wealthy enough background so that you could be supported for the 6 months or even one year experience you undertook for free. EMI have made a conscious decisions to ensure that this is no longer the case. Commenting on the recruitment procedure for their programmes they explained that there was a rigourous process in place and this had to be completed by all applicants regardless of whether or not you had received an internal recommendation.

The fact that the programme offers pay and costs depending on which avenue you are taking also ensures that more people can feel that they are able to apply. To those not getting paid, EMI are offering transport costs and a contribution towards food costs also. Those on a full years internship will receive payment of thirteen thousand pounds and those on the 6 month apprenticeship get half this amount. Needless to say this opens up the schemes to more than just those from wealthier backgrounds. People are pleased to be seeing such a programme and it is hoped that other major employers will follow in its footsteps, particularly those connected with politics, who last year received a lot of criticism.

The scheme is currently in its pilot year but offers a myriad of opportunities that otherwise most could never hope to experience. For example, participants from across all 12 partnership organisations will have the opportunity to attend 'master classes' in Digital, Music, Broadcasting and PR. EMI is also offering opportunities in its A&R and Press Departments as well as in HR, Finance and Marketing. Other participating organisations include the Royal Opera House, Bauer Media and LG Communications.

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