Bar Maid

An ex bar maid has been awarded a ten thousand pound pay out in compensation for her manager referring to her as "little tits".

The gradate told the jury that the comment and related remarks had seriously affected her self confidence and made her scared about talking to anyone about it.

Kathryn Broughton endured a number of crude remarks from pub manager Andrew Stephens. He had asked he whether or not she was wearing a push up bra and after she refused to comment he said "you really should". He further alluded to the fact that the pub would receive more customers but also in turn that she would receive more tips if she were to wear one. Miss Broughton commented on how these comments made her feel explaining, "I felt upset and degraded and very self-conscious. I was a bit scared. I didn't want to talk about it to anyone."

Mr. Stephens also further made comments about her having a sexually transmitted disease when she was off sick, and said her boyfriend was a transvestite. Miss Broughton consequently resigned in June 2010 having heard of a rumor that staff might be asked to wear more revealing tops as part of their uniforms.

Mr. Stephen denied having ever made the comments but did admit that other members of staff has nicknames for her. He also explained that there had never been any desire to change to uniforms. Miss Broughton was represented by Simon Pallo, who described her as, " a young lady in a relatively male-dominated workplace and she's quite a retiring, shy girl."

After two days of hearing evidence the Tribunal ruled in favour of Miss Broughton. She was awarded ten thousand pounds for injury to feeling and five hundred and thirty pounds for her relating loss of earnings. Judge, Mr. Trayler said, "there was nothing which might have been misconceived or misinterpreted by Miss Broughton. We think it more likely than not that the claimant's version is correct."

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