Action Needed
Documents Required
Appraisal Process

Design Appraisal Process
Ensure discusions with everyone invovled
Decide when Appraisals will take place
and how often

Example Appraisal Process
Appraisal Training

All Appraisers should be placed on
appraisal training to ensure they have the
skills to carry out appriasals

Appraisal Training Slides
Appraisal Form Consult with all staff when designing the
Appraisal Form

Sample Appraisal Form 1
Sample Appraisal Form 2

Appraisal Evaluation

Ensure the Appraisal process is reviewed
and assessed on an annual basis taking into
consideration the throughts and comments
of the Appraisee's

Appraisal System Evaluation

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