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Latest from the Employment Law Experts

Jonathan Lord - HR Companion

Jonathan Lord

“Before the surprise result of the election, I outlined the issue of employment tribunal fees as one that separated the political parties. The Conservatives….”

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David Renton - HR Companion

David Renton

“The distinction between barristers and solicitors is that we are usually only instructed in the very final stages of any legal procedure….”

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Ines Clark - HR Companion

Ines Clark

“Miss Southern was a 22 year old employee of Britannia Hotels Ltd, who worked on a zero hours contract and had a history of mental health issues….”

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Statutory Rates

Statutory rates are rates of payment paid and regulated by the UK government. Many of these payments are updated annually. Our table shows the current rates for a number of HR benefits and regulations.

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Pension Arrangements

The proposals set out in the Government’s 2006 White Paper on Personal Accounts, the aim of which were to introduce “soft compulsion” into workplace pension provision, are now finally coming to fruition.

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This Week’s Latest Features

Topic of the Week

New Fit For Work Guidance - The Department for Work and Pensions has issued guidance on the new Fit for Work Service.

Fit for work offers a free Occupational Health Assessment for any Employees who have been or who are expected to be off work for four weeks or more to help them to return to work sooner. It offers work related medical advice via a telephone service and website. The advice service is due to be up and running in May 2015 being rolled over a period of months.

Employment Law Case of the Week

The Employment Tribunal's decision on remedy in the sex discrimination case of Lokhova v Sberbank has been announced, with the approximate value, based on the in principle decision of the Tribunal, is £3.2 million.

Svetlana Lokhova worked for the Russian bank Sberbank CIB was awarded the compensation for sex discrimination, victimisation and harassment which led to psychiatric illness and her never being able to work in the financial services industry again.

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